Is it Plantar Fasciitis?

November 11, 2016

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Is It Plantar Fasciitis?

So maybe you have heard about “plantar fasciitis” but all you know is that you have some severe foot pain, and you aren't really sure what it is. In the back of your mind, you are asking, “Is it Plantar Fasciitis” or some other thing going on with my feet? I understand the concern, because when you deal with foot pain it can almost be debilitating. We have to use our feet all the time, every day. And no one wants to go through life experiencing foot pain everyday.


-Stabbing pain on the bottom of your foot, especially near the heel This pain will be located usually in the front part of the heel. Most people feel it on the front inside part of the heel where the plantar fascia is connected to the heel bone. Some may feel the pain more in the arches of their feet. -Pain worse when first getting out of bed in the morning, feels like walking on glass. Because your muscles and ligaments have rested overnight, the first steps of the day can cause excruciating pain as you have to re-stretch the ligaments, creating new micro-tears in the fascia tissue band. -Pain triggered upon standing up after sitting for a long time. As the muscles and ligaments rest, the same thing to a lesser degree is happening to your feet that happens first thing in the morning. The ligaments are re-stretching, and micro-tears are causing more inflammation, causing the pain. -Pain may occur if standing on your feet for long periods of time Inflammation can build from the micro-tears in your plantar fascia. Standing on your feet all day does not allow your feet to have a break to try and bring any real amount of healing.

How do you know for certain?

If you still aren't sure about your foot pain, you may try going to the doctor. Doctors may be the sure fire way to diagnose whether or not if what you have is plantar fasciitis. Doctors will also ask questions regarding your potential RISK FACTORS including your age. The good news is that once you have figured out what it is you have, you can go about treating it, and healing your feet. My wife swears by these socks . Icing the heel, ibuprofen, wearing the right footwear are other ways in which you can start bringing about significant pain relief. Just remember to take care of your feet! And as always, stay healthy, so you can stay fit. Cheers, Drew

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