October 19, 2016

<a href=>MY HEEL HURTS, WHAT IS IT? (Part 1)</a>


I don't know about you, but there are occasions when I wake up and one of my heels, or both of my heels are tender, sore, and hurting. It could be a number of things that cause this pain, and today I want to share some of the common causes that makes a heel hurt. If one is to really diagnose heel pain and why a heel hurts, it is important to know where the location of that pain is coming from. There are two places where the heel can really hurt. It can either be a pain that is beneath the heel/front of the heel or it might be that the pain is located behind the heel. So the first step is to assess which of these two places the heel pain is occurring. THREE MAJOR CAUSES OF HEEL PAIN For me, it is usually a pain that is beneath the heel. So then I can guess on a few things. First, I ask myself, “Is this pain something that is pretty intense and came on all of a sudden or has it built up gradually?” STONE BRUISES If the pain came up quite suddenly, I can probably figure out that it is a stone bruise. These bruises are often caused by stepping on hard objects that have quickly developed into a bruise. For me, I go barefoot a lot, and outside my house I have a rock bed. Sometimes those rocks get tossed onto the patio cement. There have been many times where I have unintentionally stepped on a rock or stone on the patio, and at the time thought nothing of it. The next day, however, my heel hurts, and as I look back, I can remember my stepping on a stone, and know this is probably what happened. PLANTAR FASCIITIS If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I have talked a lot about this issue but let me do a quick review. PLANTAR FASCIITIS (What is Plantar Fasciitis) happens when you have inflammation of the plantar fascia because of micro-tears in that tissue. This pain is felt right at the front part of the heel. The heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis often comes on quite gradually, and can be brought on by MULTIPLE FACTORS (Advanced for Runners), such as running too much or being on your feet all day. Usually with plantar fasciitis the pain is most intense when stepping out of bed in the morning, and it might feel like your are walking on shards of glass. This is often because the plantar fascia has been resting and is not stretched out, so upon stepping on your feet you are almost re-tearing some of the tissue which can really hurt with the morning's first steps. Continue reading...

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