February 24, 2017



I absolutely hate Restless Leg Syndrome. I use to have those nights, where I am settling down to get ready to sleep, I am utterly exhausted, and then I realize my legs are restless. I mean I cannot help but to twitch them, move them, kick them; as if one more second of them being still will send me over the edge. Maybe this is not you, but man, I dread when those nights happen to me. So today I want to talk to you about Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and to speak from personal experience what I have found is the absolute best solution that works within minutes every single time I get RLS. Did you know that there is not any medical test a person can take to diagnosis whether or not they have RLS? However the truth is those that have it, know the feeling of dread that comes upon them as they are experiencing this right before going to sleep. For Restless Leg Syndrome, while not directly harming the body, can keep the body awake and restless. Hour after hour, you might be laying there in bed, twitching your legs every few minutes. I know for me, in the past, it used to steal hours of sleep away from me. I would wake up exhausted, moody, and unable to focus well the next day. If you are wondering exactly what this feels like because maybe you are part of the 90% of people out there that have never experienced this, the best I can describe it as this tireless need and urge to move the legs, that at least, I cannot resist. The more I try to settle and relax my legs, the more they buzz and the more they need to be moved. While not painful, per se, it consumes your thoughts. Other people who suffer from RLS use words to describe the sensation as creepy-crawly, itching, pulling, gnawing, prickly, All the while there is this intense need to move the legs because doing so subsidies these feelings for just a brief moment. This subsiding of symptoms is another sign that you have RLS. For years I experienced Restless Leg Syndrome, and most of the time, it seemed to start as I was starting to rest my legs around 9 pm. The only thing I knew to do at that point was to ask my wife to rub my calves for a few minutes if she was not already asleep. If she were, I often would try to fall asleep with the TV on, to keep my mind off of my legs. But they would take hours to settle down, and often melatonin or other sleep aids would not help. Of course, the anxiety of not being able to settle my legs (or my mind) only seemed to worsen the situation.


Okay, so I know this will sound sale's pitchy, but this truly is the best solution I have found. I mean this works for me within about 2 minutes. So if I know what works for me, I want to taut it so that others can find relief from Restless Leg Syndrome as well. Here's how it happened. My wife has always loved wearing NAK Fitness Plantar Fasciitis Socks and their compression socks, due to her plantar fasciitis and rheumatoid arthritis when it hits her feet. So one night as I was battling RLS, I tried on a pair of the NAK Fitness compression socks, and within a minute my RLS was completely gone. I was able to drift off into a peaceful sleep. (I like this brand because it offers a great medium compression, as I don't think light compression would work the same.) At first, I truly thought this was a fluke, until I was going to bed another night, and realized my RLS was coming on strong. So again I put on the compression socks, and again within 2 minutes, all symptoms were gone. Since then I have bought their compression sleeves as well because I like my feet to not have socks on them while they sleep. And I like their compression sleeves even better. It feels like a slightly stronger compression because the material is thicker. I don't know if these socks were designed to do this; all I know is these socks work! And they work well! I love socks and sleeves, and feel like they will help you out as well. Here is a link if you want to give them a try -COMPRESSION SOCKS; COMPRESSION SLEEVES. Since then I have done some research on this as well, and know that compresses, not drinking caffeine and such can be things we can try to stop this as well. In fact, I believe there is some medicine you can take as well, but for me, I will stick to these socks which provide excellent compression therapy and totally rid me of Restless Leg Syndrome. I hope this helps you! Sleepless nights can be so annoying, and start to take a toll on your health. So be sure, if you don't do this, that you are pursuing other solutions to your RLS. As always, stay healthy so you can stay fit! Cheers, Drew

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