September 20, 2016

<a href= http://www.plantarfasciitisinfo.com/what-is-plantar-fasciitis/>WHAT IS PLANTAR FASCIITIS</a>

So maybe you have heard of the words “Plantar Fasciitis” spoken, but really you have no idea what that is. OK, let's face it, you probably nodded your head while in a conversation about it, being careful not to say anything, secretly hoping no one would ask. If that's you, well then, you are in luck! After reading this you will be in the know. Not only that but this information might actually benefit you, especially if you are a runner, know someone that runs, or you know people beyond the age of 40. So what exactly is Plantar Fasciitis? I bet if I asked you how to spell this, you would have had great difficulty doing so. It's hard to say, let alone spell. Well for those people who suffer from this, plantar fasciitis is more than just a little annoying problem. It can be a rather painful, even debilitating issue that over 2 million Americans live with on a regular basis. So let me try and keep defining it fairly simple! When I say “plantar” I am referring to the bottom of the foot. The (plantar) fascia is the thick, fibrous, connective tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot spanning from your heel to the toes (the meta tarsals to be technical). Our plantar fascia is responsible for the maintenance of our arch, and provides great shock absorption as we run, walk, or stand. In fact this band of tissue is our shock absorber! The plantar fascia also has a part in our ability to move our toes. So you can see how important the plantar fascia is! Plantar Fasciitis occurs because there are tiny micro tears in this connective tissue that causes inflammation in the plantar fascia. This inflammation can be quite the “pain in the neck”, I mean “heel”. I say that because it is the heel that takes the brunt of the pain. Waking up with plantar fasciitis can feel like you have an intense STABBING pain in your heels, or can come across as a deep THROBBING pain, perhaps a dull ache in your heels. (If you haven't had it, imagine a very sore bruise on the bottom of your heel, multiply that by four, and you are starting to get there). If it feels like you are walking on shards of glass when you get up in the morning, guess what, you probably have plantar fasciitis. But why is it worse in the morning? The answer is pretty simple. When a person is sleeping, their feet are resting (a no brainer, right?) But this rest is allowing the plantar fascia to help mend itself; doing repairs from a day of wear and tear. When the first few steps are taken in the morning, the plantar fascia is getting stretched and becomes torn again. This causes that intense pain to start up again. Often as you go throughout the day, the plantar fascia is being stretched out so this pain can lessen as you use it. So that's what Plantar Fasciitis is. Now you are in the know! Next time, I will write about whose at risk for getting PLANTAR'S FASCIITIS (LINK TO POST). –-So here is a shameless sales pitch. But I swear this helped my wife so much! You see, this use to happen to my wife. She had plantar fasciitis, and I was determined to help her solve this pain. She didn't want to even get up in the mornings because of the pain she knew she would have to endure. My brother and I, who own a fitness company started to do research on compression therapy for plantar fasciitis, and developed some intuitive compression (yet fashionable) plantar fasciitis socks that you can wear at night. My wife, who now is free from her plantar fasciitis pain, swears by them. Check them out at the link below. Until next time! Drew NAK Fitness

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