Who's at risk for Plantar Fasciitis?

September 27, 2016

<a href= http://www.plantarfasciitisinfo.com/whos-at-risk-for-plantar-fasciitis/>Who's at risk for Plantar Fasciitis?</a>

ARE YOU AT RISK FOR GETTING PLANTAR FASCIITIS? So you have been an avid runner, or weight lifter and one day you woke up with this intense pain in your heels.   This was what happened to my wife.  One day my family and I were actively engaged in the couch to 5K, going to the park several times a week to run around the trails.  Then one morning, she couldn't escape the pain radiating from her heels.  No running that day! The next day it hadn't improved!  No running that day as well!  This continued to get worse, so I took her to the doctor. Outcome?  She had plantar's fasciitis!  And literally this took her out of the running. This can happen to us all!  But what plays into who might get this?  Let's look at who's exactly at risk. First I would say this is an issue that can plague runners.   In fact any athlete who is in a sport or activity where they are continuously placing a lot of stress on their heels and the attached connective tissue is at risk for getting micro tears and inflammation in their plantar fascia.  Two other physical activities that I can think of are dance aerobics and tennis   Who else is at risk? -Those between the ages of 40 and 60.  Why is age a factor?  Well simply, as we older, the plantar fascia becomes less like a rubber band and becomes more like a rope that simply doesn't stretch like it use to.  Add to that, the fat pad on the heel becomes thinner and it just doesn't absorb the same amount shock. -People who are flat footed or have high arches are at risk because these faulty foot mechanics can put added stress on the plantar fascia. -Obesity is another thing to look out for… because the excess pounds puts extra stress on that connective tissue as well. -One last one risk factor to mention are those with occupations that keep them on their feet all day, like nurses, teachers, factory workers… the standing on hard surfaces for hours on end definitely adds to the stress on our plantar fascia. Remember plantar fasciitis is treatable, but still prevention (weight trainers 5 ways to prevent)  is the best way to go.  

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