Plantar Fasciitis Sock -Blue and Gray


  • Here's why they WORK! The GRADUATED COMPRESSION level of these socks is designed to be a tight fit for all the areas that need it most. The socks improve blood circulation for faster recovery and stretches the plantar fascia ligament to reduce foot pain.
  • WHY NAK FITNESS PLANTAR FASCIITIS SOCKS? We care about your pain and want you to be pain free. Foot pain keeps you from functioning at your best and we designed the ankle sleeves to offer fast relief of several causes of foot pain, like heel problems, plantar fascia pain, edema or achilles tendon problems. Wake up in the morning pain free for a change. 
  • COMFORTABLE BREATHABLE FABRIC - great for daily wear. All day and night comfort. Wear during or after rigorous activity to help reduce soreness and recover faster.
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION for less lactic acid buildup and faster recovery.

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