About Me

Hey there!  Glad you've come across this site. My name is Drew, and I have a passion for helping people find their journey back to health and fitness?  If you have ever suffered a sport's injury, or feel like you are losing to the battle of old age, I hope hope that this will be a place that you can come and find help.  First let me give you a little back story of how I found myself here. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”?  I've been married to my wonderful wife, Heather for almost two decades.  A few years ago she decided to go with the fad, Couch to 5K.  She was super excited about it, and started off very well.  Actually the whole family became involved, as we would take the kids to the park to walk/run together.  I did more of the jogging, my wife did more of the walking, and our kids could run laps around us both if they wanted.  Needless to say, this was a great step for us getting back into shape. We both had been in shape in the past.  I don't know about you, but we both got a little lazy, needed to lose a little weight (honey don't kill me, but it was true) as time had caused our metabolism to slow down.  We both needed a simple way to get back to health using gradual steps. We were both making great progress, and made it about half through the Couch to 5K program.  Then one morning my wife woke up barely able to move her right foot.  The pain was so UNBEARABLE she didn't even want the super light cotton sheet touching the top of her foot.  It hurt all over!  Needless to say she went from “Happy Wife/Husband's delight” to “Wife in Pain/Husband's bane.”     There was nothing I could do to make her feel better either.  We were both at a loss.  Going to the doctor didn't help as she was told there wasn't much they could do, and time would allow for healing.  I even took her to a podiatrist, and again, no remedy was given for her pain but was given the diagnosis of this being gout (which by the way it actually wasn't).   This went on for months.  Some days she could barely walk.  Our jogging took a nose dive, and our journey back to health and fitness CEASED completely.   In time, however, the original pain did go away.  But that pain was replaced with a new pain that had now moved down to the balls of her feet and her heels.  The pain in her heels was EXCRUCIATING, especially when she would wake up first thing in the morning. This time I had a suspicion of what it was… You see, I am a twin.  Oh, I didn't mention that yet!  Yep, I have a twin that lives in Florida.  Now back in the day, we looked alike where everyone knew we were twins, but not enough alike, where we could switch places with each other in classes.  But one good thing about being a twin at our age now, is that you get to see through a particular window -I get to see what might be COMING MY WAY in regards to my health, based on what my brother is going through. For years my brother had told me about his plantar fasciitis, and the pain associated with it.  He had investigated many things that could get rid of the pain.  Needless to say, I was familiar enough with his symptoms to recognize now, this is what my wife was describing.  She too had plantar fasciitis. And I was determined.  I wanted my happy (pain-free) wife, again so I could have the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” again.  I know it sounds selfish, but it really was more about her than even me.  I hated that she was in so much pain every morning as most mornings she woke up and could barely put her feet on the ground.  Did I mention the pain was now in both feet? So I went on this journey, a journey to discover how we could both be healthy and fit again. That meant she had to be pain free before she would ever decide to really exercise again.    It also dawned on me, “You know, maybe I can  help my brother with his pain?  And while I am doing that,  why not find something that could help all the others that suffer from plantar fasciitis.”   The chance came last year, when we discovered something that could really help those that suffer with plantar fasciitis.  My brother and I started a family run business, and we had already started selling fitness products on Amazon.   He and his family are really big into fitness (Crossfit and weight lifting), and although I like to be fit, I have always been even more interested in health and natural remedies. It soon became clear that this discovery could lead to us developing our own great product that would help RELIEVE the plantar fasciitis pain for the people in my life that I knew that were suffering from it.  So we started designing something that we felt would work better than what was already on the market.   I am excited to say that it worked!  I am not saying it is the only solution out there.  What I do know is that I am back to “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”  Her pain is GONE, and plantar fasciitis seems to be a thing of the past.  I will be sharing this product very soon, but this blog is about so much more.blog-pic Maybe you're like me, you got a little lazy, time passed a little quickly, and that fit body you once had needs a little (lot) help.  Or maybe you are that 25 year old athlete who has already experienced  plantar fasciitis, and that has taken you out of training.  (I know at 26 I tore my shoulder, and wish someone could have helped me find a natural cure that could have gotten me back in the gym quicker and better than ever (that story I'll save for another time).   So regardless of where you are  -in fitness, or in age, IT IS POSSIBLE!  Even with injuries that might have taken you out, there is that journey back, so that you can be fit again! In fact, this is what the desire of Nak Fitness is about.  My brother has a passion for fitness, and I have a passion for health.  Together we are trying to determine what it is, that makes what we'd like to call the “NAK Life.”  In other words, how do you stay healthy regardless of your age, or whether you have been injured and felt like you have had your best days behind you.  Together we will be discovering what this NAK Life is about, and I hope that you will join me on the journey.