Our Company


We are blessed to be situated just right outside of Orlando, Florida where it is easy to live the NAK Life. Fitness and health are easier to achieve with nice weather and the ability to be outside year round.


NAK FITNESS was founded in 2015, when two brothers came together to talk about how they could make an impact in the world of health and fitness. One brother has a passion and focus on fitness, while the other brother has a passion and focus on health. Together they agree that fitness and health go hand in hand, and so launched a company to help others meet their own fitness and health goals.


The first product we launched (the speed rope) was aimed toward the cross-fitness community, helping fitness aficionados meet their goals of achieving double and triple unders. From these simple beginnings, we have expanded into other areas that effect fitness and the health of individuals of all fitness levels and ages!


As we strive to bring new fitness products and health information into the hands of our customers, there is this dual competing idea that helps keep our focus and dedication. We have two sayings, that speak to the heart of each brother. One brother passionately focuses on the idea, “Stay healthy, so you can stay fit!” while the other focuses on “Stay fit, so you can stay healthy!” This duality of truth is our overall goal and message to our customer.


It is not just about our products, but about our giving information so others can stay healthy and fit.


We are honored to have you as our customers, and we really feel like those that join us in the NAK Life are family.


We are committed to bringing you the best in the products we have, and the information we share. Join us in our mission to stay healthy, so you can stay fit! (Or is it “Stay fit, so you can stay healthy!”) You decide!


Contact : drew@nakfit.com

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